Association's poet

On the annual meeting of December 2009, just after the constitution of the Daily Board of 2010, there was a request to appoint an associations poet. This request was honoured, so since then GeoVUsie has an associations poet. Stefan Peters had the honour to be the first poet. He has orated many poems at congresses, constitution drinks and many other occasions. Do you want to know more? Send an E-mail to

Current poet performer

2023: Marion Kroon

Old poets

2022: Tom Hoogeboom

2021: Niels Poelwijk

2020: Brecht Reintsema

2019: Jesper Volmer

2018: Marc Heemskerk

2017: Jorrit van der Schot

2016: Maarten van Diepen

2015: Bas van der Velden

2014: Sietze de Graaff

2013: Emmeke Bos

2012: Wilmer Roest

2011: Frank Zwaan

2010: Stefan Peters