Geoflex bv. bv.

The Geoflex bv. bv. organizes an interesting lecture every two weeks during the academic year, with themes related to Earth Sciences and/or Earth, Economics and Sustainability. Every two weeks a lecturer is chosen to speak about their field of research. These lectures are held on Thursday at 16:00 in F-123 or C-127. The lectures can be visited at will and are followed by the weekly social drink at the Houtzagerij (F-045). Furthermore the Geoflex organizes the Paleotour and the Flexcursion. Geoflex stands for: (Geo)films, lectures and excursions. The suffix bv. bv. stands for beforehand budget wasting. Do you want to know more? You can send an E-mail to

Current committee


Chairman Vera von Pickartz
Vice chairman Niek van der Hoek
Secretary Hans van den Wollenberg
Treasurer Eva Engelchor
Committee member Laurens Tromp
Committee member Elise Witte
Committee member Bart Hijne

Bart Hijne was active in the committee until March. Elise Witte joined the committee in May.

Old committees


Chairman Bente Schriever
Vice chairman David van Diepen
Secretary Lieke van der Meij
Treasurer Eva Engelchor
Committee member Hans van den Wollenberg
Commissie member Naniek Scherpenzeel



Chairman Laurens Tromp
Vice Chairman Donna Dieperink
Secretary Vera von Pickartz
Treasurer Jasper Bosschaart
Committee member Quinty Boosten
Committee member Marc Heemskerk

Marc Heemskerk and Quinty Boosten have replaced Rodney del Rosario since August.


Chairman Ayra Goede
Vice Chairman Rodney del Rosario
Secretary Bente Schriever
Treasurer Donna Dieperink
Committee member Martijn Mineur
Committee member Laurens Tromp


Chairman Riemer Stelwagen
Vice Chairman Bart Hijne
Secretary Marjolein Daeter
Treasurer Oscar Kloostra
Committee member Wim Keja
Committee member Rodney del Rosario

Rodney del Rosario has replaced Femke van Zanten since June.

Riemer Stelwagen assumed Bart’s duties as chairman since May.


Chairman Ayra Goede
Vice Chairman Welmoed Lauwerier
Treasurer Bart Hijne
Secretary Intern Teun Beemster
Secretary Extern Julian Boonstra
Public Relations Riemer Stelwagen

Riemer Stelwagen replaced Marijn Tromp from September.


Chairman Hannes Groot
Vice Chairman Lara Borst
Secretary Oeki Verhage
Treasurer Jesper Volmer
Committee member Welmoed Lauwerier
Committee member Ayra Goede


Chairman Joep Schaeffer
Secretary Evalien van der Valk
Treasurer Rosa Verheij
Vice Chairman Oeki Verhage
Committee member Evelien Brand
Committee member Quinty Boosten


Chairman Hannes Groot
Secretary Jorrit van der Schot
Treasurer Romy van Veelen
Committee member Martijn Mineur
Committee member Joep Schaeffer
Committee member Rosa Verheij


Chairman Vénice Akker
Treasurer Leonie Kiewiet
Committee member Lara Borst
Committee member Sjoerd Robertson
Committee member Oeki Verhage
Committee member Tijmen Opsomer


Committee member Bertram Uunk
Committee member Hannes Groot
Committee member Jonathan kranenburg
Committee member Heleen Vos
Committee member Wilmer Roest
Committee member Venice Akker


Chairman Pim Kaskes
Secretary Koos de Jong
Treasurer Alexander Kok
Committee member Eva van der Voet
Committee member Dennis Oltheten
Committee member Tiemen Gordijn


Chairman Evy Kalker
Treasurer Christel Bontje
Committee member Maartje Korver
Committee member Wieske Wentink
Committee member Pim Kaskes
Committee member Maarten Plug
Committee member Suzanne Hessels


Chairman Jet Vreugdenhil
Committee member Evy Kalker
Committee member Evelien Rost
Committee member Sterre Verdonk
Committee member Jurrien Dijk
Committee member Xanthe Duivenbode

After the summer Xanthe quit her job as member of the Geoflex.


Chairman Elishevah van Kooten
Treasurer Jurre Tanja
Secretary Ted Veldkamp
Committee member Martine van der Linde
Committee member Jet Vreugdenhil
Committee member Wieske Wentink


Chairman Thomas Smulders
Treasurer Robin dú Mee
Secretary Kirsten Brautigam
Vice Chairman Thomas Kruijer
Committee member Jennifer Stroo
Committee member Ingeborg Kraaij