National Business Committee

The National Business Committee organizes an annual excursion in the Netherlands and one or more company visits throughout the year. The excursion is particularly interesting for students Earth and economy. The company visit is a tour at a company with an Earth scientific or Earth-economic background. Would you like to know more? E-mail your questions to

Current committee


Chairman Elise Witte
Vice-chairman Thomas van den Bosch
Secretary Lucas Westerhof
Creative mind Bente Janssens

Old committees


Chairman Laurens Tromp
Secret-ary Jasper Arendse
Allrounder Devin Sassen
Creative Director Reggie Karssiens

Devin Sassen and Reggie Karssiens have been active in the committee until September. Eva Engelchor joined the committee in September.


Chairman Vincent Schriever
Vice-chairman Rodney del Rosario
Secretary Jelle Stam
T.B.A. Thomas van den Bosch

Rodney del Rosario has fulfilled his position until Augustus


Chairman Paul Snijder
Vice-chairman Jelle Stam
Secretary Vincent Schriever
Small member Jasper Arendse


Chairman Maarten Sol
Chairman Maarten Teeuwen
Secretary Mees Auener
Committee member Teun Beemster


Chairman Quinty Boosten
Secretary Priscilla Bosma
Committee member Emma Knecht
Committee member Anne Pronk


Chairman Annelotte Weert
Secretary Irene Rollingswier
Committee member Maartje van Heck
Committee member Simone Lassauw


Chairman Jesse Opdam
Committee member Anne Pronk
Committee member Fenneke van de Poll
Committee member Willemijn van Leeuwen


Chairman Puck van der Linden
Secretary Sjoerd Robertson
Treasurer Bas van der Velden
Acquisition Robin Wimmers