Related associations



The Utrecht Earth Science Association is the study association of Earth Sciences at the University of Utrecht. Since 2013, the name of the association is UAV. The UAV was created by a merger between UGV and Drift’66. They organize various activities including symposia, rowing tours, excursions, galas, etc. They also organize the St. Barbara Party every year. At this party it is a tradition to throw cauliflowers.


The Mining Engineers Association is the study association of Applied Earth Sciences at the TU Delft. Since 1892 is the association concerned with the interests of the students and organizes many different activities. Besides, the association takes care of cafe The North in the citycentre of Delft. Here students and alumni can enjoy a beer together.


Pyrus is the study association of the bachelor Soil, Water, Atmosphere and of the masters Earth & Environment, Geoinformation Science and Climate Studies at the Wageningen University. Pyrus organize many different activities for her members, like weekends, excursions, lectures, receptions and the annual cheese fondue. A special annual event is the Student Championship Earth Drilling. The aim of this event is that you have to drill 1.20 meter deep as fast as possible. Many teams, from inside and outside Wageningen, are always coming to this event.


Study Association GAOS; Geographic Activities and Education for Students: association for students Earth Sciences at the University of Amsterdam at the Faculty of Natural Science, Mathematics and Informatics. Since November 17, 1992 is GAOS an official association, successor of LULOFS. The association organizes activities, excursions, lectures, parties and sports activities for its members.


Sarphati is the study association for students Social Geography & Planology at the University of Amsterdam. Sarphati has an open atmosphere and strives students to get as much as possible out of their study time. Therefore Sarphati regularly organizes activities for its members. Many activities have an educational twist, so there are symposia, documentary evenings and several guided tours organized. There is also the weekly drink and every year there are several trips abroad organized.

Egea Amsterdam:

Egea Amsterdam is a collaboration between all geosciences studies in Amsterdam and is part of the international organisation Egea. This organisation promotes contact between geosciences students across Europe. They do this by organizing fun and educational activities in different countries where students can come into contact with each other and expand their network.


Gyrinus natans:

Gyrinus natans is the faculty association for the faculty of Earth and Live sciences at the VU for Biology and Biomedical Sciences. The association consists of the board and fifteen committees that organise activities together, excursions, lectures, Biocamps and great parties in Amsterdam. In the memberroom, the Gyrinus room, everybody is welcome to drink a cup of coffee, play a game or chat with the board.


Subliem is the study association for the bachelor study Science, Business & Innovation at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. S.V. Subliem regularly organises relaxing as well as educative activities for her members. On their website you can find more information about their association, the study, organized activities and all other things that concern Subliem.


Study association Anguilla is the study association for Health & Life sciences at the VU, Amsterdam. The goal of Anguilla is to bring the students of Health & Life sciences great student years. Apart from excursions to study related companies and institutes, social drinks, parties and weekends are organised. If you become a member at Anguilla you also receive 10% – 13% discount on study books. Anguilla is spelled A-n-g-u-i-l-l-a.


Study association Mens is a young and booming association for Medical Nature sciences students and commits itself for these students in many ways.


The MFVU, Medical Faculty association VU medical centre, is the study association for medicine at the VU. The association consists of 23 committees with more than 100 active members. They organise many different activities such as a sports day, sailing weekend, a gala, several parties and of course the weekly social drink on Wednesday. Besides that, the MFVU is actively participating with the education and organises the white coat ceremony and several fora.


EOS, the association of the FSW at the VU. The faculty association is named after Eos, goddess of the morning and was established on the 27th of august 1996. With almost 2000 members EOS has grown to be one of the biggest associations of the VU.


Storm is the study association of the departments of Maths and computer science at the Faculty of Exact Sciences at the VU Amsterdam. STORM is an abbreviation for Students Organisation Mathematici, but the association is no longer solely for mathematicians. Students of computer studies can also become a member. They sell books, keep a test archive, maintain contacts with companies and offer sociability for their members.


Study association Salus is the study association for Health Sciences. Salus is as you can imagine the goddess of public health. It is a pretty young association being five years old and consists of about 650 members. They have several committees that organises study related, as well as non-study related activities such as a study trip, career day and the production of their own magazine. For more information you can take a look on their site.


The VCSVU (Association of Chemistry Students at the Vrije Universiteit) has been established on the 1st of October 1964 and is the study association for students of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the VU. Apart from book sales and collecting old tests, the VCSVU organises many activities where members and non-members alike come together.


The VSPVU is the Association for Students Psychology and Pedagogy at the Vrije Universtiteit and organises all sorts of activities for the students who study at the faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy at the VU. Established in 1947 it has grown to be the association it is now. The association organises all sorts of activities for its members. These activities are organises with the social aspect in mind as well as the study related aspect. To participate with these activities you can become a member of the VSPVU and profit from a four-year discount on your study books and activities.


The Association In Motion (VIB) is the study association at the Faculty of Kinesiology Amsterdam. At the moment the study association has a Daily Board of five persons, eight permanent committees, three temporary committees and around 700 members. With more than 40 different activities annually the committees are working their hardest to keep the programme as varied and interesting as possible. Social drinks, book sales, parties, sport tournees, the gala, the winter sports, the brother/sister day and other activities to not only accompany the students of Kinesiology, but also provide them with an amazing studentship.