L’AVA is short for L’ Amsterdamse Vrouwelijke Aardwetenschappers (Female Earth Scientists of Amsterdam). This association started in 2006 and consists of 13 active members and 37 members in total. Every second week, the ladies of L’AVA come together and have a drink in their old fashioned, cosy bar in Old-West Amsterdam the Kwaker. Besides this social gathering, they also organise other activities both for L’AVA members and for the study association GeoVUsie. Such activities include for example a baking contest, theme parties, short trips to cabins and the Dutch islands. Moreover, the ladies are always prominently present at the GeoVusie activities.

Current board

Board XVII

Praeses Charlotte Kaijzer
Ab Actis Heidi Metselaar
Quaestor Berber Douma
Assessor Denise Kluft

Former boards

Board XVI

Praeses Caroline Goossens
Ab Actis Femke van Haaster
Quaestor Tirza Raijmakers

Board XV

Praeses Marion Kroon
Ab Actis Charlotte Kaijzer
Quaestor Marjolein Daeter
Assessor Denise Kluft

Board XIV

Praeses Sofie Bosmans
Ab Actis Priscilla Bosma
Quaestor Caroline Goossens
Assessor Sanne Rip

Board XIII

Praeses Marjolein Daeter
Ab Actis Femke van Haaster
Quaestor Marion Kroon
Assessor Sterre Dijkman

Board XII

Praeses Annelotte Weert
Ab Actis Sterre Dijkman
Quaestor Priscilla Bosma
Assessor Vera Hoogland

Board XI

Praeses Anna Pals
Ab Actis Marjolein Daeter
Quaestor Sofie Bosmans
Assessor Annelotte Weert

Board X

Praeses Lisa Hageman
Ab Actis Anna Pals
Quaestor Sofie Bosmans

Board IX

Praeses Carlette Blok
Ab Actis Anna Pals
Quaestor Leonie Kiewiet
Assessor Claudia Tóth

Bestuur VIII

Praeses Eva van der Voet
Ab Actis Puck van der Linden
Quaestor Céline Nobel
Assessor Lisa Hageman

Board VII

Praeses Leonie Kiewiet
Ab Actis Suzanne Hessels
Quaestor Lisa van Mens
Assessor Carlette Blok

Board VI

Praeses Nadja den Besten
Ab Actis Carlette Blok
Quaestor Evelien Rost
Assessor Tesse Bijleveld

Board V

Praeses Tesse Bijleveld
Ab Actis Isis van Wetten
Quaestor Evy Kalker
Assessor Nadja den Besten

Board IV

Praeses Marleen Mulder
Ab Actis Isis van Wetten
Quaestor Evelien Rost
Assessor Xanthe Duivenbode

Board III

Praeses Jet Vreugdenhil
Ab Actis Inge Schuurman
Quaestor Wieske Wentink
Assessor Elishevah van Kooten

Board II

Praeses Jet Vreugdenhil
Ab Actis Anouk Borst
Quaestor Roos-Anne Schrooten
Assessor Jennifer Stroo

Board I

Praeses Heike Vincentie
Ab Actis Carolina Waaijer
Quaestor Ingeborg Kraaij
Assessor Jet Vreugdenhil