Brand BierAt Brand they have a love for tasteful beers. In the brewery in Limburg they are brewing strong and tasteful pilsners and characterful special beers made from the best barley, a variety of extraordinary hop and pure mineral water from their own spring. Be acquainted by seven hundred years of craftsmanship.
Brand has been the supplier for GeoVUsie for years. GeoVUsie serves Brand pilsner from the tap in its bar the Houtzagerij in den Koele Blonde. Brand Premium pilsner is brewed with more hops. This gives Brand pilsner its unique, powerful taste. The completely full malt pilsner from Brand is characterised by its perfect balance between hop bitterness and hop aroma. This is made possible by adding hops on two separate times during the brewing process.

Furthermore there is an extensive assortment of special beers from Brand present in the Houtzagerij in den Koele Blonde. More information on Brand and its beers can be found on:’