Stema Systems

Stema Systems supplies hydrography- and oceanology-related measurement systems. We want to contribute to the quality and efficiency of the hydrographic survey community by providing and implementing state-of-the-art and innovative survey sensors, systems, and concepts. Related services such as training, installation, and support are also supplied by our company.

Stema Systems is based in the Netherlands. There is an intense interaction with aquatic environments in this country that lives and works with and is even built in the sea. The question is not whether there is a need for gaining knowledge about the associated processes for national safety, economic, and environmental purposes: the question is how to obtain complete aquatic data sets of the highest quality in a cost-efficient way.

For more than thirty years we participate in this process and we may state this way of thinking and doing has grown into the genes of our company. Stema Systems operates global for numerous harbour, dredging, and surveying companies, universities, and research institutes.

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