Van Oord

Van Oord is a leading international contractor specialised in dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects (oils, gas and wind). We create innovative solutions to meet the needs of our clients and business partners. Marine ingenuity is what sets Van Oord apart. In just two words, we show in the clearest possible terms what we do, how we do it, and what makes us different. A passionate, smart international marine contractor – that is how we see ourselves. Projects that are extensive, complex, and that have preferably never been done before are our strength.

An internship at Van Oord
For students with a passion for technology and water we provide opportunities for (inter)national internships and final theses. This could be a project abroad, a project in the Netherlands or at one of our offices in the Netherlands. An internship at Van Oord means that you will apply your theoretical knowledge in a dynamic environment. As an intern, you will work alongside your colleagues and mentor while they perform their day to day work.

Our English-oriented technical traineeship takes one year to complete and is an excellent stepping stone in your career, an ideal chance to get to know various aspects of the marine contracting, dredging and offshore energy sectors in a short period of time. By working in various departments, and on projects and on equipment around the globe, you will get to know Van Oord in an intense way. You will get responsibility and see your ideas getting real!

Do you want to know what it’s like to work at Van Oord or would like to read more about internships and graduation projects, please check our website