Confidential Counselor GeoVUsie

Within GeoVUsie we strife to have a safe and pleasant environment voor everyone. Despite active efforts towards this goal it is possible for undesirable situations to occur with you or someone you know. For this kind of situations there are multiple confidential counselors available both within and outside of the association. These people take remarks and/or complaints very seriously and protect the privacy of all parties involved.

First of all you can always approach the Daily Board with concerns or remarks. The Daily Board is available every workday between 9:00 and 17:00 in room WN-M138. You can also call  +31-(0)20-5987411 or send a mail to

If you don’t want to contact the Daily Board it is also possible to contact the VIP-eldest. The VIP is an independent advisory organ that consults the Daily Board and has a lot of experience with the association. The VIP-eldest have a neutral view of occurring situations. They can be contacted by mail at

Beyond that prof. dr. Wim van Westrenen is a confidential counselor for members of GeoVUsie. He can be reached by mail at or by phone at +31 20 59 87279.

Prof. dr. Klaudia Kuiper is also a confidential counselor for members of GeoVUsie. She can be reached at the VU at her room H-336 in the W&N building. She can also be contacted by mail at and by phone at +31 20 59 83559.