The Sportcie organizes sporty activities throughout the year. Some examples are: an indoor football tournament, a volleyball tournament, a sailing weekend and the Batavierenrace. These activities are annual, but every year there are also other activities to enjoy. In the past there have been ‘geolympics’, a tournament with several geosports like hammer throwing, jean hanging and many other sports. Do you want to know more? Send an E-mail to

Current committee


Committee Member Caroline Heller
Committee Member Casper Mol
Committee Member Damiaan Groenhart
Committee Member Rosanne Koeleman
Committee Member Sjoerd Manting
Committee Member Tirza Raijkmakers

Old committees


Chairman Niek van der Hoek
Secretary and vice chariman Koen Zwetsloot
Secretary and vice chariman Sjoerd Orrú
Treasurer Lucas Westerhof
Committee Member Bram Huis
Committee Member Scott van der Roest


Chairman Sjoerd Orru
Secretary Youri Jansen
Treasurer Josefien Donders
Vice chairman Dante van Kleef
Commissary PR Fleur Weijer
Manager materials Sam van Duivenvoorde


Chairman Jasper Tuithof
Secretary Marit Jeijsman
Treasurer Koen Zwetsloot
Vice chairman Sjoerd Orru
Commissary PR Fleur Weijer
Manager materials Teun Bracht


Chairman Ibrahim Ben Touhami
Secretary Marten van der Schaaf
Treasurer Marion Kroon
Vice-chairman Laurens Tromp
Commissary PR Donna Dieperink
Mascotte Jeffry van Mansom 


Chairman Ibrahim Ben Touhami
Secretary Lieuwe de Haan
Treasurer Ricardo Hofman
Vice-chairman Marjolein Daeter
Commissary equipment Tycho Kersten
Commissary PR Marion Kroon

Old committees


Chairman Martijn Reijners
Secretary Marnix Rutte
Treasurer Ayra Goede
Vice-chairman Marijn Tromp
Commissary equipment Maartje Egberink
Commissary PR Lennart Hatenboer


Chairman Coen van Eijbergen
Secretary Stijn Schukking
Treasurer Martijn Reijners
Vice-chairman Evalien van der Valk
Commissary equipment Quinty Boosten
Commissary PR Maarten Sol


Chairman Hobie Zadelhoff
Secretary Pier Jorritsma
Treasurer Dirk Slootweg
Vice-chairman Coen van Eijbergen
Commissary equipment Merel Hoogenvorst
Commissary PR Claudia Tóth


Chairman Ian van Zaanen
Secretary Danny Do Quang
Treasurer Edwin Kruitbosch
Vice-chairman Pier Jorritsma
Commissary equipment Hobie Zadelhoff
Commissary PR Jorrit van der Schot


Chairman Wilmer Roest
Secretary Govert ter Mors
Treasurer Frederik Bokma
Vice-chairman Manouk Los
Commissary equipment Max Holthuis
Commissary PR Jelle Heijne


Chairman Joost le Febre
Secretary Wilmer Roest
Treasurer Wouter van de Steeg
Vice-chairman Frédéric van Vessem
Commissary PR Jasper Ponstein
Commissary equipment Max Holthuis


Chairman Jens de Bruijn
Secretary Joost le Febre
Treasurer Hilbert Weemstra
Vice-chairman Xanthe Duivenbode
Commissary PR Thomas Koops
Commissary equipment Fienke Nanne


Chairman Martijn Snelder
Committee member Fienke Nanne
Committee member Erik Oudejans
Committee member Jens de Bruijn
Committee member Nadja den Besten
Committee member Mathieu Steijn

Mathieu quit his job for the Sportcie after summer recess.


Chairman Evelien Rost
Committee member Martijn Snelder
Committee member Maayke Koevoets
Committee member Jesper van Schilt
Committee member Manon van Goethem
Committee member Marcel Wijnands


Chairman Tara Geerdink
Committee member Luuk Huijgen
Committee member Jurrien Dijk
Committee member Anne Kleene
Committee member Roos-Anne Schrooten
Committee member Koen van Kuijk